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    I appreciate the hontesy. We all want to earn a good living and persuading others often is a part of it, isn't it? However, every single one of us takes recommendations from others, all the time. I myself, ask for suggestions frequently from others, in many matters. It is how we learn and grow. If we believe and persuade from our true hearts, with the honest intention to help others, we have done no harm. The reason I visit your site and promote you to others is I believe that you have found this integrity.To understand the degree of the persuasion that you are hearing and seeing is sometimes hard, as you say. The subtlety of all makes it very difficult to discern. We can never be beautiful enough or have enough things to bring value to our lives! I try to stay present to the effect of all things that bombard me every day. It is sometimes quite difficult! But I keep on! I do think it gets easier as I get older I care less about what others think! (It's all the ego and the image anyway!)The belly fat is about health though, and quality of life. I should have taken your ESE-U. I'd love to learn more about your image illusion and goal hijacking.

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