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    July 05, 2011



    Hi Adam,My name is Melissa Arnold. I had the best weekend piolsbse with you at the MMI in Atlanta! I have done endless amounts of personal development including the MMI 7 yrs ago. I have to say that you are hands down the best trainer I have experienced EVER! I really get and feel the love that you have for what you do for people on stage! It is palpable! My partner and I have been doing the daily exercises in the 90 day follow up program and loving it! 7 yrs ago I had just filed for bankruptcy and could not figure out a way to continue with courses at the time and I really wanted to do them all trust me! Now I am committed to the Trader program in June to start and get that one done. This passive income should start me in the right direction and we will be signed up for the Quantum Leap with in these next 6 months!I enjoyed so much you sharing your story of how you get up in the morning saying I Love My Life ! I was wondering if you would be willing to record yourself saying this statement and either post it on your site or send it to me somehow via email? I go to your site daily just to feel your energy! I just adore your teaching style!Another request would you be willing to share your training schedule in the USA? Where will you be training in the US from now till June? I would love to catch another MMI you teach and also I would like to share you with as many other friends piolsbse and I have friends in every major city almost I am a Chiropractor so lots of love to share out there! Will you teach the next MMI in Atlanta in Oct? I can guarantee that the house will be packed. I will have at least 20 people there. I had 2 people I brought to this past course in Atlanta and wish I shared so much more!I really am grateful to have met and experienced your true gift for this amazing world! We need many more brilliant trainers like you!Let me know what you think?Gratefully,Melissa Arnold404-664-1028


    what great insights Mark! Thansk for taking the time to post this message!

    Mark S. Kearns

    Sorry I missed the live event last night. I just catching up. I am excited about the Visionary Leaders project. In a time when the media and current events would suggest a world in chaos, spiraling ever downward, there is an alternative...if you look!
    Programs such as the Visionary Leaders Breakthrough draw like minds together to share thoughts, ideas and a common vision for a better world.

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