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    June 08, 2011



    Thank you. I didn't know that I needed these exact words. I am being shifted into a higher place and it's a big leap for me yet it feels right and I need to go where God is asking me to go. I can't afford to say 'no, I can't do that' or 'no, that's impossible.' In reading this I feel like YES, it's for me. No doubt. Blessings are for me, too. And I can't wait to bless so many others with my gifts.


    Beautiful Janis, as always your words convey such depth and meaning! love you sis!


    Nice, now...take it in....


    in truth, they are not my words, per se, rather the words that can come thru each of us when we open the pathways to potential!

    thanks for receiving it...


    thank you for RECEIVING THIS! Join us Sunday at

    Karen Turner

    I'm inspired and alive in your words. May you be blessed as you bless others. Thank you.


    Thank you for all the healing love you share. Your beautiful words are a guiding light.

    Jeni Shaw



    My dearest Ani... it feels as if you have touched the essence of my inner voice and the truth of my soul! I read the Declaration with GREAT expectancy and opened entirely to the beauty of your eloquence ~ a vibration of whirling violet, indigo, blue and green with the threads of silver-gold energy. I was elevated to the pulse of Source and the ONEness of ALL that is! IAM the destiny that I have felt in the depths of my BEing. IAM grateful for the mystery of my life in its unfolding polarity contrasts and harmonic illuminations! IAM filled with the light of potent creation that wishes expression in every NOW! IAM the multidemensional counsciousness ever evolving love and peace surrounding and attracting GOOD to my wholeness of BEing and I STAND SURE in this knowing! IAM honoured to be part of the Power of Our Way Community and IAM your always and forever soulsister! And so it is... and it is so~

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