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    February 18, 2011


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    With Blessings of Dancing Delight

    Alisa Rose Seidlitz

    No Ordinary Slip ~ LOVE IT!!

    And ah yes, the conditioning of limitation...Each year, around the Passover table, we give thanks for inner and outer Freedom, acknowledge our metaphysical chains, binding, self-imprisoning...and the power of the consciousness of Love. We ask ourselves where we are still bound in our own personal "Egypt", AND how we have moved/progressed in the past year.
    Let us all move out of the "Egyptian state" that you referenced.

    AND YET, the physical space/place of Egypt is the epicenter/power node of SUCH deep, potent, Life Giving planetary energy, as the Magnificent, Love-Filled People of Egypt have shown...

    Thank you, Ani, for reminding/asking/talking about that which is underneath the surface.
    Thank you for being the inspiring, loving teacher you are!

    With Blessings of Dancing Delight ~
    Let's Dance-In(double entendre intended)the Energies of Love,

    Alisa Rose

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