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    September 30, 2010



    Your words have blessed me this nnimrog. I was having one of those nnimrogs where it was just blah, and kinda wanted to stay in bed. A few weeks ago my YouTube account was completely deleted because I closed my old G mail account and didn't realize it would delete all my videos attached to that account so I thank you soooo much for your words to me today because they have humbled me and have made me realize that it is not about all the hits/views on the videos but that if it touches even just one person that is all that matters!You are more then welcome, and yes, oh course you may share the video:) much thanks! ~~L

    Nora LaBillois

    That is exactly where I am. I want to do Spiritual workshops. I have a great knowledge but how do I start. I am a certified addictions counsellor, I have my first, second, third degree Reiki. I have Thetahealing DNA, and Advanced. I also have a collage course in Relaxation Therapy. I have lots of knowledge. I just need to know how to put it all together, to make things happen. I also have my own Mig mag first nation culture. I am stuck. I work with four other addictions counsellors. I feel I am not giving what I was put here to do. I want to work with people who wants to be there for the experience and healing. We live on a little Reservation, our own people will not come to us. I know people out there wants what I can offer. The Question is How do I get there. my soul wants this, my head doesn't know where to start. Thanks Nora

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