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    June 19, 2010



    Ani -

    We hold you and your family in love, strength, healing and peace - whatever it is that you are going through, remember that no amount of cleansing tears can put out the eternal flame in your heart and soul.

    Love and blessings -




    I am thinking of you and your family in your obvious distress. May I say, and this is without criticism, that I found your letter brought up ambiguous feelings as it is couched in vagueness as to what you are truly in pain about. I can only imagine that it is the loss of a child but I may be totally wrong, whatever it is it is obviously causing you anguish.
    For myself when my child died although the anquish was nearly unbearable, I realised my sons life was his own and I didn`t own him, which allowed me to give up thinking I had control over events or people and maybe he had chosen the time of his death.
    Like you I didn`t feel anger but was able to truly experience and accept the loss I felt. It wasn`t that I didn`t want to contribute to the anger that is in the world of people as I didn`t think of that. But I knew somewhere inside that if I turned away from my loss, which to me it would seem like I was doing if I did that, then in my reality it would have mean`t I was compensating and trying to make my loss feel better in some way, rather than truly feeling the loss and the emptiness that accompanies it. I knew that going through the eye of the needle was the way for me but is not way for everyone.

    Much love

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