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    July 20, 2009


    Kim Wulfert

    Hi Ani, welcome home to you both. Thank you for sharing some of the experience you had. It is wonderful to know that it was well worth it no matter the discomfort; it was the teaching tool and opportunity brave people like you and Brent desire.
    As requested, I drank beer and liquids for you :) nearing the start of the event, but then the craving finished. This was a sign to me that you were doing well.Although I would have bet on you, it still was nice to receive the sign that all was well and as it should be. Namaste, Kim W. in CA


    Congratulations Ani and Brent! So glad to read... of the inspirations that graced your adventure. For me I hear you when I read through your emails ... the healing vibrations of your voice encircles and penetrates time and space! As promised I ate and drank and sent healing and love throughout your adventure. I was nudged several times by ... spirit ... your journey remained somewhere in the recesses of my awareness. AND... I had a vision of my own. It came following the birth of my granddaughter on July 12th. I haven't yet told you that she has native blood through her mother's mother... all these wild and wonderful connections happening simultaneously. I've been playing with a new awareness of energy as colour pulses intricately woven into the greater web of life and humanity.
    I look forward to hearing you again soon. In the meantime... blessings to you both.
    Namaste, Jan is Mans Bridge

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