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    February 10, 2009


    Anita Pathik Law

    I think we are all shifting in our unique ways and being called to step into higher forms of service. I agree about the withdrawing - at least on the level of withdrawing from the urge to push rather than allow. Yet, usually there is some partnered approach, yes?

    I know desire (and often discontent) precedes a new creation - it is the Universe's way of saying, get ready!

    Love, Anita

    Claudia Juarez

    Thank you for sharing Anita!

    I have found myself at a crossroads lately (maybe it's the Universe shifting?) about my message, the way I was conveying it to the world and all the opportunities that I know are all around all the time but that I can't see.

    What helped me was to withdraw and allow. I have been seeing more opportunities since then that are leading to healing for so many.

    I have no idea why the Universe works like this, I just know that whatever happens, it is always for our benefit. It would be easier if the Universe could send us a memo thou!!


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