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    October 30, 2008



    Dear Anita,

    I am writing on an impulse here! Apparently these creative impulses are not something to be ignored.

    It has been so much fun watching the Power of Our Way grow since the publication of the movie. That was when I first became aware of your's and Brent's work. I was delighted by your regular updates during the recent journey/tour you made. The honesty in your writing is what I liked the most.

    Just as I clicked the submit button on the Oprah website to suggest the work of a friend for mention on Oprah's soul series, your newsletter popped into my inbox. So here I am writing!

    Here is Gloria Wendroff's blog ( and here is the project that she is steward of ( I think you may find Heavenletters useful with your work.

    On Sunday I am co-hosting a show on an internet radio station hosted by by Al Diaz ( which will air at 11am Pacific time. I would like to suggest to Al that he invite you to his show as well. We will be talking about Business and Spirituality as One. Please stop by if you have a moment.

    So this impulse has turned into a longer post than expected! I'll stop here and wish you the best from my heart.

    Oceans of Love
    Santhan Naidoo

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