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    August 06, 2007


    Kim O

    This is great stuff, Anita. Exactly what I needed to hear right now.

    Thank you!!

    Barbara H

    Anita this is brilliant article. It really helped me to see the subtle differences. I was making the desire and manifestations, and not acknowledging the unspoken what ifs... Or trying to hedge my bets with the Universe on my desires... relinquishing control of outcomes. (good) But perhaps still limiting. i.e., I really want #1 but #2 is permissible if the Universe deems it best.

    The doubts were lurking below my consciousness, unarticulated, unrecognized... but they may still have been manifested more strongly than my true desires.

    It really is about thought and language, what you see, what you express, what you perceive. Your comment about perhaps not recognizing the manifestation occurring is intriguing one.
    I also wrestle with the notion of how you discern if everything that comes into your life as a choice is a sign from the universe, something you SHOULD respond to, give it a go, etc.... when in fact it could be timing and someone else's agenda crossing your sphere...

    How can we make sense of it all.. and still rise to the next level of awareness, manifestation, self-actualization. What should be effortless does take work, I presume. :-) And being honest and open.

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