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    July 23, 2007


    Chris Bell

    'Everything you believe is a choice'

    Yes, in a way. But much of what most people believe is not from a conscious choice, but is based upon what what their subconcious has chosen for them according to early life experiences. The problem is that the subconscious progams the mind for safety and the avoidance of pain, not for 'personal development' or 'greatness'. This is perfectly understandable from a biological evolutionary point of view.

    The task for us all is to recognise how our subconscious has programmed our minds in ways that we feel are negative,and then take steps to overcome this by taking control of our own personal development.

    Anita Pathik Law

    Eric, I responded to your comment and posted it at

    Eric Roth

    Thank you for writing and sharing these practical, even inspiring exercises. For me, however, the evolutionary journey often seems like "one step forward, two steps backwards, and three steps sideways." Feeling powerful comes and goes, and releasing fears and anxieties as you suggest helps for a short time. Do you have some techniques to prevent the reappearance of these negative emotions and limiting thoughts?

    Terry Gillis

    Hi Anita,

    Talk about synchronicity. I had just finished writing an article on how our dreams help us to identify our damaging beliefs when I finally got around to catching up on my email and found this wonderful article. The universe certainly works in wonderfully mysterious ways.

    If you would care to read the article it's entitled Dreaminging Your Dream Life- Dreams Uncover the Barriers Keeping You from the Life You Truly Want
    It's located at:

    Shirli LoSchiavo

    Hi Anita - This article really rang true for me and resonated to the core. I have found that clearing our belief systems are key to getting that vibrational alignment so that we are able to allow and receive what we are wanting to create in our life. I would love to share this article with others. May I post it on my website along with the links to Power of our Way?

    Shirli LoSchiavo

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