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    December 08, 2006


    Mr. Kelly Yuill

    i still pray for all thats good,and the demons to go away..please i ask, thats all i want for my loving wife and i..please take them away for good...i pray...michelle my wife my friend in this life i pray the same for all the time..she is everything to me..god knows..i sit and feel sad..yet i am free why?

    mr.kelly yuill

    ever felt broke..trying to get by? why oh why? i might ask,what a task,i still ask,and wait to receive..what have i not done i ask..and ask? i just havent got it yet..i believe but not enough he must be saying..i ask then show me the way,for i am blind with you...its okay!freedom i pray for with my new wife..i sit with tears flowing inside..take her pain away i pray...i believe so strongly in her love...lost still..i am a way? f e e l i n g s...From Kelly Yuill i pray!!

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