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    December 01, 2006



    Ps have a typ-o in you link...missing the "P"



    Hi Anita,

    Great stories! I have been studies the manifestation process for a while now and what I am beginning to notice is that the least resistance I have to something the quicker it shows up. But in areas where I may have either conscious or sub-conscious limiting beliefs is where things seem to slow down. I am learning that it stops the flow. So that is the challenging part. Yes sometime, somedays I get things pretty quickly, the smaller things and that's fun, but I also realized that I must be paying attention and that my awareness level must be high for sometimes these things just slip by without me noticing.
    Lately when I'm trying to get something done on the computer and I forget to ask for help and just go about struggling, trying to figure it out. Now I stop and ask for help from spirit and bam it starts working. I think years ago I'd just think that I finally figures it out myself but now when that happens I give comes pretty quickly when I ask ..I just have to keep asking

    Yes I do believe that gratitude and faith are the energies to keep present in yourself all the time. I have been blogging lately on my blog about manifestation adn gratitude, I also have a free gratitude meditation on my blog site if you care to visit and download.

    Anyway loved you stories ..I will tell my readers to come visit your blog and get an understanding of how manifestation works and how we need to pay attention, let go and have faith.

    Blessings to you,

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