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    August 08, 2006



    To all Power of My Way experiment comunity:

    This has been a wonderful experiment.

    Having present a single word every day, to make me aware of my attitude and softly has made a change.

    I am open to great changes.

    Thanks to all for sharing.


    Dear Dana,

    Thank you for your awesome post.

    I understand your feelings because I too was born in the war, lived my childhood in the shelters, felt the pain and the fear, saw the chaos, the desperation and the turmoil.

    It is a great time to be PEACE and radiate outwards what we want. Challenges are stepping stones to a richer life, a brighter perspective and a vivid understanding.

    Let us all hold one intention of awakening to our gentle beingness and remind ourselves of the abundance, the joy and love that are always surrounding us. We are all created from the Light of God. Let us drop the illusion that we are separate and that there is not enough for everyone. It is our nature to live peacefully with our neighbors, cherishing every moment of our miraculous lives and expressing our beautiful innate qualities.

    Feel the feeling of Peace and imagine the whole world living in harmony as one community. Peace is who we all are.

    Sending you lots of peace, strength, joy and love!

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