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    June 12, 2006



    Dear Anita, dear Power of our Way community,
    Let me thank you for you are and let me to share all I have with you. I hearty welcome you to my websites. I hope my pictures and writings will gift you some release and you will have a good time there.
    My story is quite simple. I was born and started to grow... and I had a trauma. My head bones were broken and nobody had hope for I would live. I literally walked on the edge of the death for a long time, yet the miracle has happened and I returned to the life. Unfortunately that joy is quite hard to bear. I live on a disability pension and it means I can’t afford myself literally anything. I am socially dependant... That is not nice to confess aloud. However, it would be silly to deny the reality. My wellbeing depends not on my consciousness but on social politic of my country. In other words, I can either rejoice at the sitting near the window or to beg you for the help to share my pictures and writings, to be alive. I can’t paint without paints, I can’t write without pen and paper and I can’t publish in Lithuania anything because I haven’t money for that. Disability pension is not enough to pay the fees for living... I can only beg for the charity. That is disgusting however; I perfectly know that there are hundreds that need help much more than I.
    I greatly appreciate your help to issue my book in English. Is it possible? My artworks and writings you may found there:

    All they come into being due only to the generosity of my benefactors. Publicity of these works would be my hearty saying thank you as to them as to all people of good will.
    I am eagerly looking forward to your response. You personal letter will be of the greatest value to me.
    Thank you and please excuse my English. No one of my friends knows it at all. And I am writing with the dictionary in hand.

    Tomas Karkalas

    Liepu 25-31
    LT-92139 Klaipeda
    Tel: +370 46 212444

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