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Anita is the CEO of the Annapolis, Maryland based Dare Dreamers, LLC, founder of the Power of Our Way Community, Metaphysical Masterminds, Awakening to Purpose, and Conscious Dialogues™. Daughter of a Hindu father and Christian Mother and a long time student of Ageless Wisdom and Universal Truth teachings, Anita draws on her rich ethnic and spiritual heritage in her work with individual clients and groups.

As a Certified Franklin Covey Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Coach, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Healer, retreat leader and a licensed facilitator of a number of Stephen Covey’s programs, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People™, Anita draws on her professional training in cognitive behavioral methodologies, coaching, hypnotherapy and over 14 years working in law enforcement in her current work with clients around the world.

Her mission is “To Move Individuals and Organizations Out of Thought and Into Action” and her purpose is “To Raise Consciousness and Build Bridges of Higher Understanding within Self, with Source, in relationships, in business and leadership, across cultures and religions,” and as a powerful force within the collective consciousness.

Known as a powerful visionary, accomplished business coach, innovative strategist, a “consciousness connector” and “the coach’s coach,” Anita is also the co-founder of the Self Management Coach Training School, founder of and and

The long-awaited second edition of her book, "The Power of Our Way: A Path to a Collective Consciousness," with a foreword written by number one bestselling Attractor Factor author, and star of “The Secret,” Dr. Joe Vitale, was released on January 11, 2006. Anita’s talent as a writer can also be experienced in numerous articles on business and spirituality and the poetic words of her inspiring meditations and song lyrics.

Collaborating with her husband, musician and producer, Brent Law, Anita has created a number of CDs designed to inspire, provoke, and move listeners to higher places of consciousness. Over the last year they launched the Power of Our Way Peace Experience and released several internationally acclaimed internet movies;,, and that have been viewed by over 250,000 people on seven continents as of February 2007. Their other movies can be seen at and

Her passions include coaching, spirituality, meditation, metaphysics, human potential, spiritual partnership building, business and leadership coaching, innovation and creativity, writing, and group facilitation. She is a frequent speaker and retreat leader at both business and spiritually oriented events.

Known as a powerful coach, facilitator, and writer, Anita’s calling to share her purpose and passions has inspired her to create as a resource for those who desire to improve the world through personal growth and spiritual connection.

She is currently putting the finishing touches on The Power of Our Way Medicine Wheel and a new set of powerful cards - 41 total that offer wisdom from each station on the Wheel. She is also working on her next book, currently titled "The 12 Enemies of the Conscious Mind and the Strategies for Taking Responsibility for Your Own Shift."

She is anxiously awaiting the manifestation of a kick-ass, metaphysically minded agent to help her and her husband, musician/singer/songwriter, Brent Law, get major publishing and distribution deals so they can touch millions!